Wooden Pooja Mandir for home

iso NARANGPooja mandir plays an important role in everyone’s house. It is a place where we install our deity’s idols and photo frames along with some pooja articles and accessories. In Hinduism, pooja mandir is a very special place where we keep the statues of our lord and bow before them. It is believed that having a mandir in home and praying to lord provide us positive energy and keep away the bad and evil thoughts form our home.

It is also believed that to start a day with the prayer of god gives more positive energy and better output in our work. God protect us from all the evil energies coming towards us.

Pooja Mandir is a team of manufacturer, trader and exporter. We are working in this field from last 5 years and providing pooja mandir online. We have in house manufacturing unit in which we are designing and manufacturing beautiful wooden temple for home and offices.

Pooja Mandir for home performs different roles to provide you mandirs like manufacturer, trader and exporter.  While designing our products, we consider a number of factors, like:


The design of pooja mandir is an important factor which is considered by everyone. From the ancient time, if we observe, the building of every mandir is having a dome like structure and painting and artisan work has been done on walls and on the front side of mandir. Art is considered as spiritual in Hinduism and seen in every ancient mandir. Apart of art, some animals and birds are also taken as spiritual like elephant, peacock, etc.

Our pooja mandirs are made up of wood and we are using only authentic wood. While designing wooden pooja mandirs, we had added art work in this like carving of wooden mandir. Our artist has carved elephant and peacock on wood and added the same in design of pooja mandir which gives the traditional look to the mandir.

Along with ancient designs, we have also considered the modern design and work. As in today era, MDF wood is in great demand. Where simplicity is demanded, MDF wood is used. Also where cost is a factor, MDF wood is an option where carving is not required and give economical mandirs.

Material used

We always user authentic and export quality wood to manufacture mandirs. We use teak wood and MDF boards for mandirs. We have different types of mandirs like large pooja mandir, small pooja mandir, elephant pillar types pooja mandir, traditional pooja mandir and more.

Skilled Labour

We have a team of Indian artisans skilled labour those are making beautiful mandirs. Our specialty is the carving of wooden temple and pooja mandap. Our hot selling items are carved pooja mandirs.


Pooja mandir team always keeps safety in mind. After manufacturing our products, we always fumigate our products, so that these should be termite proof and there should not be any problem to the user. Buyer’s safety is our prime motto.

Free and Fast shipping

We believe that our user will get timely and free delivery. To ensure this we had tied up with Fedex and provide air shipment. Being Fedex our logistic partner, it provides timely ans secure delivery. It takes 4-5 business days to deliver product in UK. On part of Pooja mandir for home, we do not charge for shipping.