Safe and Secure packaging is most important..!!

There is always a question in everyone’s mind about the safety of product. We are aware that mandir should reach to our customer in safe and perfect manner. Our every mandir is special and customised, so we take special care in packaging of our every mandir.

3 Layer of packaging

For the better safety to our mandirs, we provide three layers of packaging:

1. Bubble Wrap: Firstly we wrap our mandir in bubble wrap to secure from any shock and slide.

2. Foam Wrap: Secondly, mandir is wrapped in foam wrap to avaoid any damages, shocks, breakage, scratches etc.

3. Wooden Box: In the last, mandir is packed in sturdy wooden box to strengthen the packaging. Wooden box prevent our product from any damages and breakages. In the last wooden boxes are tied up with belts to provide extra safety.