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The wood mandir ought to place at a top correct to the seating arrangement. It must be kept at a top proper on the identical stage an individual’s physique sitting or standing in front of it. If the peak is decrease than that, it might be insulting to the lord. Also, above that top, it might be troublesome for the particular person to see the god. The residence pooja mandir shouldn’t be stored on to the ground; it ought to have some help.

Without pooja mandir, the Indian houses are incomplete; as a result of folks have a practice for performing each day pooja. Nowadays, everyone seems to be giving extra precedence to pooja mandirs. So pooja mandaps(temple for god) are designed in a home to worship God. And they’ve constructed a temple in home design with extra enlargement. Vastu for pooja room is necessary.

The temple at home is a sacred place; the place we worship God. So, naturally, it has to be a optimistic and peaceable place. The temple space, when positioned in line with Vastu Shastra, can deliver well being, prosperity, and happiness to the home and its occupants. Although a separate pooja room can be supreme, this isn’t at all times potential in metropolitan cities, the place there may be area crunch. For such properties, you’ll be able to take into account wall-mounted mandir or small mandir as per your requirement.

Without pooja mandir, the Indian houses are incomplete

The temple area, should be a zone of tranquility that is full of divine energy, says Mumbai-based Nitien Parmar of VastuPlus. “This is a space where one surrenders to the Almighty and gains strength. If one does not have sufficient space to vacate an entire room for the temple, one can set up a small temple on the east wall, towards the north-east zone of the house. Avoid constructing the pooja mandir in the south zones of house,” adds Parmar.

As per Vastu, pooja mandir at home should be constructed in following ways:

When it involves establishing the temple, don’t place it immediately on the ground. Instead, preserve it on a raised platform or pedestal, advises Parmar. “The temple should be made of wood. Avoid temples made from glass or acrylic. Do not clutter the temple. Ensure that not to keep multiple idols of the same God or Goddess, either in a seating or standing position in the pooja mandir. The statues or photos placed in the temple, should not be cracked or damaged, as it considered is inauspicious,” suggests Parmar.

Points to remember

  • North-east is one of the best direction.
  • Face north or east while praying.
  • Ground flooring is one of the best location.
  • Doors, home windows ought to open within the north or east.
  • Copper vessels are better.
  • Use gentle and soothing colors.

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